There are so many things that affect your everyday life, from your job, relationships to personal interests. Our Lifestyle section covers the lot.


There are so many things that affect your everyday life, from your job, relationships to personal interests. Our Lifestyle section covers the lot.

A woman looks at her phone in her right hand holding a mug in her other hand.

Cost of Living: 5 Simple Ways to Save

Find more ways to save and help you get a bit more breathing space.

Feeling the pinch with the cost of living on the rise? Find some wiggle room in your budget and more peace of mind with these simple ways to save.

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A pair of hands type on a laptop computer

Shopping online safely this Christmas

Don’t let cybercriminals ruin the Christmas spirit

Here are the most common techniques fraudsters use over the Christmas period and how to avoid them.

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A woman stands among sand dunes next to her car with the door open, reading a map.

Best short winter breaks on a budget

Be kind to your wallet with our winter holiday suggestions

Here are our picks for great winter breaks on a budget.

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One hand uses a phone to pay for a purchase on an EFTPOS machine

Living a more sustainable lifestyle

Lifestyle changes you can make to better our environment

From your finances to your fashion and food consumption, ensuring you’re an ethical consumer can lead to positive change.

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Top down view of a woman holding a wrapped present.

A sustainable Christmas

Tips on how to have a sustainable Christmas

If we are just a little more mindful of the effect the holiday season can have on our environment, we can minimise our own personal impact.

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Domestic trips for your bucket list

Domestic trips for your bucket list

Australia-bound destinations you can visit during COVID

Now that the world is on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we look at some great trips you can take right here at home.

Top 5 End of Year Classroom Tips

Top 5 end of year classroom tips

Tips to stay in control at the end of the school year

The end of the year can be a chaotic time for a teacher, which is why we’ve put together some tips so that you’re staying in control.

A man in a medical mask holds his hand to a woman through a window, practicing caremongering.

Caremongering: The new movement sweeping the globe

Coming together and supporting one another

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, communities worldwide have been finding new ways to connect with each other.

farmworkers harvesting crops in a field

3 ways to do good things with your money

What you do with your money and where you spend it counts

By asking just a few quick questions and taking some simple steps, you have the power to make a difference with your money. 

Happy woman relaxes in nature

6 tips to avoid teaching burnout

Keep the teaching burnout at bay

Sometimes all that is needed to fall in love with teaching again is a much needed break, a period of reflection and some goal setting for the New Year.

Mother and daughter smile while reading

How to encourage your kid to read more

Hints and tips on how to encourage your children to read more

Want your kids to read more? Here are some hints and tips to make reading an integral part of their life.

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Female teacher with young students

Three teachers who taught overseas

Thought about doing an overseas teaching stint?

Three Australian teachers were rewarded with far more than their wage when they took up an overseas teaching opportunity.

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Path through green field with blue sky

Teaching pathways

Taking an alternative path to teaching can enrich your career

Educational institutions find that teachers who come from other industries are better suited to teaching specialised subjects, while most of those teachers enjoy the change in career.

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Bell Shakespeare Regional Teachers 2017 mentees pose for a group photo in library

Shakespeare for kids with disabilities

One teacher's experience

For Alison Kerimofski, teaching Shakespeare at her school was met with odd looks. Not only did she have to make it engaging to high school students, she needed to teach it to kids with disabilities.

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Group of students relaxing on their break

10 ways to make the most of your university breaks

Get ahead, make some extra cash or enjoy your down time

Whatever your plans are, try these tips to a productive semester break.

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Group of university student lazing about outdoors on campus

Bouncing back from an unexpected set back

Set backs are a part of life

Discover simple strategies to help you ride the crests and plunging waves during your years of studies. Building on these strategies will help you manage life’s unexpected setbacks, reduce self doubt and set yourself up for a win later on.

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Man delivering box of fruit and vegetables to woman as part of food subscription service.

Are food subscriptions worth it?

These services offer fresh ingredients delivered conveniently to you.

With the demand set to increase, it’s worth asking whether or not they’re really the best value for you and your family.

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Satisfied woman sitting in an empty room with boxes packed

Four ways to declutter your life

There’s a lot to be said for minimising the amount of ‘stuff’ we have cluttering up our homes and our minds.

We’ve got four tips to help you lead a simpler, less-cluttered life.

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Teacher at front of a class room encouraging students to raise their hands.

It's back to school

Looking to bring the relaxed summer vibes into your classroom this year?

Here are five tips to start the school year off right, and keep the good vibes going all year.

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A young woman in business attire leaning on desk with a whiteboard behind her and post-it notes stuck to the board

Ladies to the front!

Attention all aspiring female leaders!

Women are underrepresented in leadership roles in every sector of the Australian workforce. While the scales are starting to tip in favour of women in education, what else can we do to ensure a more balanced approach?

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Two women shaking hands and smiling with table and window in the background

How to ace your first teaching job interview

Here are some winning tips to help you prep like a pro

The end of the school year is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing: it’s peak recruitment time!

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Excited group of children standing around little girl wearing goggles, while teacher assists

Augmented reality in the classroom

Turn a smartphone distraction into a powerful learning tool

Discover how one technology teacher is using augmented and virtual reality to help improve student engagement in the classroom.

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Two children wearing backpacks, looking excited in school environment with teacher in a pink dress watches on

How our ageing population is impacting the teaching workforce

What Australia’s ageing teacher workforce means for the profession’s more junior members

If you’re an early or mid-career teacher hoping to move up the ladder in the next few years, here’s how you can be ready to step up when it’s your turn to lead: invest in yourself, find a mentor and more.

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A female teacher in a classroom, smiling as she looks over a student's shoulder, symbolising Teachers Mutual Bank's support for educators and their commitment to positive learning environments.

Teaching—a career for today and tomorrow

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you’re hearing the call to become a teacher, now is the perfect time to join the education system. Here are a few reasons why teaching is one of the best jobs for the future.

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Female model wearing snapchat spectacles (glasses with cameras) against a peach background

Six of the best: High-tech Xmas gifts

Celebrating the geek in all of us

Searching for the perfect gift for yourself or the other tech-lovers in your life? We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest in hi-tech gizmos and gadgets to make your Christmas shopping easier. Whether it’s a stocking filler or something a little more lavish, check out our top picks for 2017.

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Picture of a guy that works at Wayward Brewery

Backstreet brews

The craft beer revolution taking over Sydney’s inner-west

Beer lovers who nip down the backstreets of Sydney’s inner west are in for a refreshing surprise. There’s a thriving craft beer scene going on—and a slew of microbreweries pumping out award-winning beers.

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Picture of Luke Mangan standing in front of wine barrels with a glass of red wine

Get festive with Luke Mangan

The proof is in the pudding

When it comes to Christmas entertaining, celebrity chef Luke Mangan has this tip—"Don’t be afraid to delegate. Don’t feel like you have to do everything. Most guests don’t like to come empty handed anyway, so let them be a part of the preparation."

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Worker wearing high visibility work wear climbing on a roof covered in solar panels in front of a wind farm

How green is your backyard?

New research on global warming

New research published in Science magazine in January has calculated just how fast our carbon emissions are melting sea ice and contributing to global warming.

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Photograph of Two Good Lunch pickle jars

Charity begins in the kitchen

The food delivery company that’s Two Good to be true

For each lunch Two Good delivers, another is donated to someone in need. That’s the idea behind the Sydney-based social enterprise company founded by Rob Caslick and Cahill Flaherty.

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woman on an outside shopping strip holding shopping bags

Under wraps

Is secret spending affecting your relationship?

We’ve all been there or know someone in a relationship who has—secretly had a flutter, a sweet treat or bought new shoes and hidden the tags.

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Woman sitting, waiting to be called into an interview for her first teaching job

Tips for landing your first teaching job

Follow this advice to help kick off your dream career

Taking that first step into uncharted territory is daunting. Securing your first teaching job can be just the same. There’s no map to guide you, no friendly GPS voice to advise which road to take, so how do you land that first teaching gig?

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