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In our Industry news section, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest in banking, finance and education. Get the latest news here.

Industry news

In our Industry news section, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest in banking, finance and education. Get the latest news here.

Joan Fraser of Binnaway Central School sits in front of a wall painted in the Aboriginal flag colours with handprints over it.

Teaching Shakespeare? Use the smelly stickers, says Joan

Joan Fraser has taught the Bard to teenage boys in Tonga and five-year-olds in a NSW country school. She’s Shakespeare’s #Original Influencer

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Alison Kerimofski stands in front of a sign with the words

Bard weaves magic in the classroom

Western Australian teacher Alison Kerimofski is using Shakespeare to bring the world - and better educational and behavioural outcomes - to young students with intellectual disabilities.

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Marcia Bell stands in front of the Bowraville Central School bus. The bus is covered in decals of foliage.

Using Shakespeare to combat maths anxiety

Maths teacher Marcia Bell is using Shakespeare to combat an issue that affects almost one in five high school students – maths anxiety.

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Man and woman sitting on sofa, looking at iPad

eStatements: How They Can Protect You From Identity Crime

Are e-statements safer than paper?

e-Statements are a sure-fire protection from fraud and identity crime, particularly when compared with their paper counterparts.

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A leaf grows upwards from a handful of coins - how do banks grow your money?

What does your bank do with your money?

Is your bank responsibly investing your hard-earned savings?

Banks invest and lend your deposits in order to make a profit. But do you know whether your bank is responsibly investing your hard-earned savings?

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Woman smiles in conversation. This article answers questions about mutual banking.

What is a mutual bank? Your questions answered

A mutual bank has a vested interest in the community

There are a different breed of financial providers called mutual banks that are member-owned, community focused and local.

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College Principal, Kylee Owen speaking with the ABC

Australian Education Awards winners

We sat down with the 2019 winners to see what they are doing in the classroom

Discover what the winners of the Australian Education Awards are doing in the classroom, which is having a significant impact on student learning.

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man with outstretched arms wearing virtual reality glasses

Teaching in the future - The Brave New Education World

5 trends that will impact the world of education.

How can the education sector prepare students to be future fit, for a world where they will work, play and live alongside artificial intelligence? 

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Hacker types with face close to laptop

The rising threat of scams

Education is the best weapon against scams

As the global threat of online scams continues to rise, education is the best way to protect yourself against potential loss.

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Students in class working on recycling and sustainability project

The sustainable classroom

Are your students concerned about climate change?

By introducing new ideas and inviting small changes into everyday classroom life, there are many ways teachers can support their young eco-warriors.

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School girls working on a drone in a tech class

Teaching fish to climb a tree

Can technology help teachers reach students more effectively?

Education could be viewed as a river, sweeping every student – in this analogy, they would be fish. But there is much more to the world than rivers, and not all of us are fish.

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Man in hi-vis vest looking at iPad in wind farm

Is there such a thing as responsible banking?

Learn what it means to be responsible in banking

With evidence that the use of fossil fuels contributes to climate change, more people are welcoming the shift to renewable energy. But do the banks fall in line with public sentiment?

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University student gazing to camera while lecturer talks to students in background

The financial strain of studying

The struggle is real

According to recent reports, 58% of full-time domestic undergraduates are worried about their finances.

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A man waiting at a train station with a large backpack and camera.

How to stay safe online while travelling overseas

Just because you're on holiday, doesn't mean the scammers are

While you’re busy exploring the world, the last thing you want to have to deal with is falling for a nasty online scam.

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Cyber security concept with a woman facing the camera

How to spot a scam

It's important to know the telltale signs of an online scam - here are nine things to watch out for.

Being aware of how online scams work and knowing the warning signs can help keep you safe online.

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Woman calculating her super on laptop at home.

Will your superannuation be enough?

Your superannuation is the doorway to the life you’ll live in retirement.

Ideas to help ensure your super pays off when it comes time to retire.

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Female teacher in a room filled with students, looking at a young female students' laptop screen

Cyber safety and security in the classroom

Today’s students are more connected than ever before.

Cyber safety in the classroom is everyone’s responsibility—teachers, parents, school staff and students. Here are some things to watch out for.

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Calculator and Australian bank notes image, illustrating the financial analysis and impacts of the 2018 Federal Budget on individuals and sectors, including insights into Teachers Mutual Bank's adaptation to budget changes for the benefit of educators.

Education and the 2018 Federal Budget

Here's a list of proposed changes

From the National Schools Chaplaincy Program to the Quality Schools Package, we look into the proposed budget funding initiatives for schools and education.

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Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison standing at a podium, speaking

Federal Budget tax cuts

A win for low and middle-income earners?

Scott Morrison delivered the news that we’ve all been waiting for—tax cuts are on their way. Here are the details of when they will take effect and who they’ll benefit.

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Blonde-haired boy with blue shirt, watering plants in a garden

What is ethical banking?

What is it and why should you care?

If you’re wondering what ethical banking is and whether your financial provider ticks the boxes when it comes to ethical practices, this guide is for you.

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Senior couple sitting on the edge of a pier with a blanket around them

The super shake-up

What you need to know before the changes take effect

On 1 July 2017, the changes to Australian superannuation laws announced in last year’s Federal budget will start to come into effect. Here’s what to expect.

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University students marching down the street in graduation robes and gowns

Top of the jobs

The Aussie University that's #4 in the world

University of Sydney graduates are more employable than those from Oxford, Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to a report by British higher education think tank, QS.

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Unhappy girl sitting in class looking at a paper on her desk

The class disadvantage

What PISA and TIMSS say about Australian schools

Students are struggling to learn in classrooms that are more disruptive than in other OECD countries, a global study has revealed.

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