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Travel Checklist

Handy travel tips to consider before you go on your holiday:

  • Ensure your travel insurance includes hospital and medical evacuation
  • Check your passport is valid for at least 6 months past your return date
  • Check your Visa Credit Card's expiry date
  • Check the locations of overseas ATMs
  • Tell us you are going away so we can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity
  • Check with your mobile phone provider to ensure your phone and/or SIM will operate in the country you are visiting. If not, contact us to set up/download an alternative One Time Password option to assist with Verified By Visa and topping up a Cash Passport card.
  • Take alternative methods of accessing your money. For example a Visa card
  • Carry a small amount of local currency for taxis etc.
  • Give a trusted friend or family member authority to operate on your accounts in case of an emergency
  • Set up future payments or periodical payments to pay your bills when you are away
  • Register for Internet Banking
  • Read for the latest travel advice
  • Make copies of your important documents, take a copy with you and leave one at home with a trusted friend or family member
  • Check vaccination and health alerts at
  • Check your departure tax and visas for the countries you are visiting
  • Be aware of cultural differences
  • Don't forget to pack international travel adapters, mobile phone and camera chargers
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