Bank and save

Reach your savings target faster with our $0 monthly account fees and with Teachers Mutual Bank’s Target Saver account – a high interest savings account for anyone looking to fast-track their financial freedom.

Earn up to 5.50%p.a. variable interest on your savings

Super-charge your savings with Teachers Mutual Bank Target Saver account. Easy to use with $0 monthly account fees, Target Saver accounts offer high interest payments to dedicated savers who meet three easy bonus conditions.

Maximise your savings potential with our Everyday Direct account, with $0 monthly accounts fees and a whole lot of less fees. Add to this our Target Saver, our new savings account designed to help you reach your savings target faster and achieve your goals sooner. Make the most out of every dollar saved with Teachers Mutual Bank.

Target Saver icon of an arrow hitting a target and a dollar sign.

Target Saver Account

  • 5.49%p.a variable bonus rate, 0.01%p.a variable base rate
  • No maximum deposit limits. (Deposits over $5,000,000 are subject to acceptance at the bank’s discretion)
  • $0 monthly account fees

To qualify for your bonus interest, all you have to do each month is:

  • Deposit a minimum of $1000
  • Make no withdrawals
  • Keep a positive balance in your account at all times
  • Everyday banking icon of card in wallet.

    Everyday Direct Account

    • No monthly or electronic transfer fees
    • Track your payments with SMS and email alert options
    • Make and receive payments in near real time using Osko3
    • Compatible with both Google Pay and Apple Pay4
    • Access a global network of ATMs