Teachers Mutual Bank Mobile Banking App Terms of use

These terms govern your use of the Mobile Banking App, together with the Conditions of use—Accounts and access and any other relevant terms and conditions governing your accounts (collectively called the Terms and Conditions.) You should read and understand these Terms and Conditions before using the app as downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play is your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

If you are an existing Mobile Banking App user, these Terms of Use will replace the Terms of Use previously accepted by you.

A: Introduction – The Mobile Banking App*

What is the Mobile Banking App?

It is an app that you download onto your mobile device. It enables you to perform a range of banking services using that mobile device. You can download the app onto up to four mobile devices.

Where can I find the app?

The app is available for download without charge from the App Store (for iPhones) and Google Play (for Android phones) in Australia.

What can the app do?

The app enables you to use your mobile device to:

  • access your accounts (deposit and loan, savings or transaction) for viewing balances and information;
  • give us instructions to carry out transactions on your deposit accounts e.g. transfer funds between your own accounts with us or pay someone whose account is with another bank;
  • receive notices and messages from us;
  • communicate with us e.g. you can use secure mail functionality in the app to notify us of any fraudulent transaction or your card is lost or ask to stop a payment. 


In order to download and to use the Mobile Banking App on your mobile device, you must have a compatible mobile device and download the app from App Store for iPhones or from Google Play for Android phones.

Once you have downloaded the app onto your device, you will be prompted to register your device to use the app. Your device will be registered with us once you have chosen an app passcode.

App updates

We will notify you from time to time to upgrade the app. When you received notice, you must upgrade the app as soon as possible.

An upgrade is for your protection. It will deliver enhancements, new services and security features.

App availability

We do not warrant that the app is always available 24/7 365 days a year. There may be times when the app is temporarily unavailable. Usually, this happens when we are conducting maintenance or system upgrades.

The availability of the app is also dependent on the technical services we received from our third-party service providers that help make the app work.

B: Using the Mobile Banking App

Once you are a member with us, you can use the app to view account balances, view transaction history, view pending transactions, schedule future payments, biometric logon, passcode sign in, view quick balance, transfer between accounts, pay anyone using BSB and account number or PayID, BPAY, report lost/stolen card, block/unblock card or order a new card.


We do not charge any fees for the use of the app (including when you download the app).  You can find out about fees and charges by accessing our Fees and Charges brochure.

Things you should know—access and data charges

Our online services may not always be available. We will endeavour to keep outages and down time to a minimum

We may suspend or terminate your use of the app without notice at any time, for example, if we suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred or that the app is being misused.

Data charges may be charged by your internet service provider for using the app.

Making payments using a BSB and account number or PayID

You can use the app to make payments. Payments are processed using the BSB and account number or PayID (for instance an email address, mobile phone number or ABN), without using the recipient's name. Please take care to enter the correct BSB and account number or PayID as you may not be able to recover a payment if it is credited to a mistaken account.

Using face and fingerprint recognition for logon

If you have the app installed on an iPhone or Android device that has facial or fingerprint recognition function available, you will be able to turn on biometric recognition function to access for the app. Turning on biometric recognition function for the app means that you can access the app using facial recognition or your fingerprint instead of your passcode.

You must not turn on biometric recognition function to access for the app if you have any facial recognition or fingerprints data stored on your device other than your own. If after turning on biometric recognition function, you allow other people to use their facial recognition or fingerprints on your device, you must first turn off the biometric recognition function which allows for access to the app.

If you do allow anyone else’s facial recognition or fingerprints function to be stored on your device (despite this being against these terms):

  • They’ll be able to access your accounts using the app and they will be considered as having been authorised by you to do so; and
  • You will be responsible for all the transactions performed by them.

Biometric recognition access for the app can only be turned on if it is available on your own iPhone or Android device and has been enabled by you on your device.

Biometric recognition function is technology provided by respective devices manufacturers and accordingly we are not responsible:

  • for any malfunction in facial or fingerprint recognition.
  • If the manufacturer of your device makes any changes to its biometric recognition technology that impacts the way you access the Teachers Mutual Bank app you will still be able to access the app using your passcode.

If you choose to use facial or fingerprint recognition function to access the app, you will still need your passcode and must set and protect your passcode in the manner outlined in these terms.

Protecting against unauthorised transactions

1. Mobile Banking App passcode
a. You are required to set up a passcode for use with the app. Once registered, the 4-6 digit passcode can be used to access the app.
b. You can change this passcode after logging into the app.

2. How to protect your app passcode
a. You should always:
i. Memorise your passcode as soon as possible—if you record it, disguise it so others can’t decipher it.
ii. If you nominate a passcode, use a number that is not obvious or can’t be easily guessed (for example, don’t use your date of birth).
iii. Take precautions when using the app (for example, don’t let anyone watch you enter you passcode).
b. You must never:
i. Tell or let anyone find out your passcode—not even family or friends.
ii. Record a passcode on your device or computer.
iii. Keep a record of the passcode with your device.

What to do if your mobile device is lost or stolen

Please contact us immediately on 13 12 21 if your phone is lost or stolen. Unreasonable delay may result in liability for unauthorised transactions.

Verifying your mobile number

For security reasons, each time you register for the app, you are prompted to verify your mobile number. After verifying once, you won’t have to do so again on the same device until you need to re-register.

Multiple devices

You may register up to four mobile devices for use with the app. To register an additional device you simply go to the App Store or Google Play and download the app. The app screen will show two buttons ‘Login’ and ‘Become a member’. If you have already been on-boarded as a member, the screen will only show the ‘login’ button. You can then view the devices to which the app had been downloaded and you can manage your devices through the ‘hamburger’ menu. You can use one device to deactivate remotely the app that is available on another device.

You will need to re-register for the app when you have either:

  • Deleted the app from your device and you want to re-install the app onto your device again; or
  • If you have changed to another device and you need to install the app for the first time.

Show /Hide / Reorder accounts

By hiding and /or reordering your accounts via the app you only modify the account list for viewing while inside the app. The changes made to your account order or view will NOT be reflected elsewhere (for example, Internet Banking).

Your obligations

By downloading and using the app, you agree you will:

  • Take all necessary and reasonable steps to protect your mobile device and prevent unauthorised access and use of the app.
  • Lock your mobile device and not leave your devices unattended and left logged into the app.
  • Notify us immediately if your mobile device is lost, stolen or compromised in any way, or where your mobile phone service is disconnected (which may indicate that your device is being ported).
  • Use the app solely for personal purposes to undertake your banking with us and operate your accounts in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Not copy, modify, alter, reverse engineer, hack into or insert malicious code to the app or software;
  • Before you sell, dispose or gift your registered devices with the app, you will ensure that the app is deleted and if you have enabled a biometric recognition function for access to the app, you must disable this function.


We may change these Terms of Use at any time in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. We will notify you of any material changes by sending electronic notices to you via your device or via the Mobile Banking App. We may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes as a condition of allowing you to continue using the app.

Teachers Mutual Bank is a division of Teachers Mutual Bank Limited ABN 30 087 650 459 AFSL 238981