Everyday Direct account

Our Everyday Direct Account is an all-in-one bank account offering flexibility, security and hassle-free
online transactions.

You’ll need to become a Member to open an Everyday Direct account

Everyday Direct account

Save on fees with an Everyday Direct account

Everyday transactions

 Transaction  Fee



Pay anyone


EFTPOS Transactions


Monthly Account Keeping Fee


Excess Usage Charge


Overdrawn Account Fee


Overlimit Fee Free


Australia Post Transactions


Direct Debit Dishonour


Unsuccessful Payment Fee


Online Banking


Periodical Payments



Savings, meet $0 Everyday transactions 

Target Saver icon of an arrow hitting a target and a dollar sign.

Target Saver Account

  • 5.49%p.a variable bonus rate, 0.01%p.a variable base rate
  • No maximum deposit limits. (Deposits over $5,000,000 are subject to acceptance at the bank’s discretion)
  • $0 monthly account fees

To qualify for your bonus interest, all you have to do each month is:

  • Deposit a minimum of $1000
  • Make no withdrawals
  • Keep a positive balance in your account at all times
  • Everyday banking icon of card in wallet.

    Everyday Direct Account

    • No monthly or electronic transfer fees
    • Track your payments with SMS and email alert options
    • Make and receive payments in near real time using Osko3
    • Compatible with both Google Pay and Apple Pay4
    • Access a global network of ATMs

    A man sits on a couch, using his laptop and holding a phone to his ear. The Teachers Mutual Bank Security Promise logo is overlaid next to the man.

    Teachers Mutual Bank Security Promise

    Our commitment to you

    Our Teachers Mutual Bank Security Promise is your guarantee we are working around the clock to protect you, your identity and your money. This includes repaying money lost to fraud so long as you’ve complied with our terms and conditions and haven’t contributed to the loss.


    What do I need to open an account?

    Members can open a new bank account through Internet Banking.

    If you’re not a Member already, you’ll need to join. All we’ll need is a few ID documents, some personal details, and a few minutes of your time to fill out an application form. You can find more information about becoming a member here.

    Can I set up an account for my child?

    It’s never too early to teach your children good money habits. We offer programs and accounts specifically to help children save their money and learn about financial wellbeing at the same time.

    For more information about opening an account for your children, please read about our available banking products.