What is a one time password?

What is a one time password?

A one-time password (OTP) is a six digit number sent to your mobile phone via SMS or via a security token. It is required when making certain actions in online banking. A different password is generated each time you use one-time password security. 

In some instances you may be offered more than one OTP depending on the combination of actions you request within online banking. Don’t be concerned if you are offered more than one OTP while online banking, this forms part of our extended online security program. 

Do not share a one-time password with anyone. We will never ask you to tell us your OTP over the phone. This is your security code to authorise the change you have requested. 

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If I have a security token, can I also use SMS for one-time password?

Yes, you can be registered to use both SMS and a security token to generate a one-time password. Each time you conduct a secure transaction, you will be given a choice of which one-time password method you would like to use to generate your one-time password.