What is your SWIFT code?

Find out how to send money or receive money overseas

What is your SWIFT code?

You may receive money from overseas using Cuscal's service. Cuscal will not accept funds transferred from overseas directly to themselves, therefore your funds will need to be processed through an intermediary bank. You may be able to nominate either an intermediary bank of your own choosing, or Cuscal's preferred intermediary bank, NAB. Fees and Charges apply.

These details are for use by the sending bank:

Swift code:


Swift bank:

Cuscal, 1 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia



Account number:

Your member number

Account name:

Your full name

Forward to:

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

Intermediary bank:

Cuscal's preferred intermediary bank is NAB. Swift Code NATAAU3303M.

Please be aware that Cuscal take a $6.84 fee, from incoming TT's from the amount you receive from overseas. The Sending Bank and the Intermediary Institution are able to deduct a processing fee for international transfers. Depending on the circumstances, such as the location of the sending financial institution and its commercial arrangements, processing via more than one intermediary bank may be necessary.

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