Tips for tax time

Find out how to export transaction details and view your statements for tax time.

Tips for tax time

As the end of financial year approaches, it is a perfect opportunity to think about preparing your documents for tax time. Internet Banking can help provide some of those details.

How to get details of interest earned and interest paid 

Whether you do your tax yourself or have an accountant do it for you – you will need to provide your financial year of interest earned. There are a few options depending on how you manage your financial affairs tax-time.

Your interest summary

  1. Log in to Internet banking.
  2. Select Account Activity > Interest Summary.

You will then see a summary of all interest earned and interest paid in both the current and previous financial year.

Retrieve your statement (pdf)

  1. Log in to Internet banking.
  2. Select Account Activity > Monthly Statements.
  3. Select the statement you wish to view. The summary of interest paid for the previous financial year is on your June statement.

How to get transaction details for tax software

You can export your account transactions in the form of a CSV, OFX, OFC or QIF file. If your software supports these types of files you can add your transactions to your tax software this way.

  1. Log into Internet banking.
  2. On the homepage, select the account you wish to export the transactions from.
  3. On the Account Summary page, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Download’.
  4. Select the format you wish to export and the date range.
  5. Click on Select.

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