How do I receive my bank statements?

How do I receive my bank statements?

We prefer to communicate with you electronically. Our Terms and Conditions provide that your bank statements will be given to you electronically by making them available for you to view and download in internet banking. 

We will notify you electronically (for example by email, SMS text message, message in internet banking, message in our mobile banking application) when we make a new statement of account available for you in internet banking.

You may elect to have your bank statements sent to you in paper form by post at any time by changing your communication preference in internet banking or by contacting us. If you make this election, the Paper Statement Fee specified in our Fees and Charges brochure will be payable.

Please note if you make such election, you will also be taken to have elected to receive bank statements, notices and other communications and documents relating to ALL your existing deposit accounts and loan accounts, except your credit card account, in paper form by post.

If I choose to receive statements electronically, can I change my communication preferences?

You can update your communication preferences at any time by clicking the ‘Communication preferences’ under the ‘Account activity’ menu in internet banking or call 13 12 21.

Is there a fee for this service?

There is no charge if you choose to receive your statements electronically.

If you are a holder of a deposit product or you became a holder of a credit product on or after 1 November 2018, you can choose to receive your statement of account in paper form by post, if you make this election a Paper Statement fee specified in the the Fees and Charges brochure will be payable.