What is my daily transfer limit for internet banking?

What is my daily transfer limit for Internet Banking?

There’s no limit when you transfer funds between your own Teachers Mutual Bank accounts.

For all other payments and transfers, the daily transfer limit in Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App is $5,000 by default. You can change your payment limit in Internet Banking at any time and up to $50,000.

What payment options do I use for external transfers over $5,000?

For all transactions over $5,000 you will need to select the standard payment option in Internet Banking or mobile app which may take 1-2 business days to process (Osko payment is not available for transactions over $5,000).

How can I change my daily limits in Internet Banking?

You can increase or decrease this limit in Internet Banking.

Step 1: Log in to Internet Banking.

Step 2: Select ‘Change Daily Transfer Limit’ in the Self Service menu.

Step 3: Choose your preferred limit.

Step 4: Limits are increased temporarily for three days. If you wish to increase your limit permanently select the box ‘Retain the proposed daily transfer limit for an extended period’.

Step 5: Select ‘Submit’.

If you require a higher limit than you're able to set in Internet Banking, contact us