Mobile wallet

Discover a simpler way to pay on-the-go with your mobile phone or wearable device.

Leave your cards and cash at home

Slim down your wallet and leave your cards and cash at home, by using your smartphone or smartwatch to make quick, easy payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Unlike a card, your mobile wallet can’t be lost or stolen – even if your device goes missing, your wallet is secured. So you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind, as well as extra convenience.


tap in seconds 

Fast payments – simply tap and go.


Upload and manage card details in your secure digital wallet.



Enjoy peace of mind knowing your payments are private and secure.

Creating your mobile wallet

  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay is a digital wallet that lets you use a compatible iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad to make secure contactless purchases in stores and on selected apps and websites where you see the Apple Pay mark.

  • Google Pay

    Google Pay is a fast, simple way to pay using your Android phone or smartwatch. Simply download the Google Pay app and add your Teachers Mutual Bank card to make quick and secure purchases.

  • Samsung Pay

    With Samsung Pay, you can pay for purchases securely using a Samsung device. Make payments in-store at a contactless terminal, and on apps and websites that display a Samsung Pay Checkout button.