What does the Secret Life of Teachers really look like?


Secret Life of Teachers

What does the Secret Life of Teachers really look like?

To celebrate World Teachers Day 2021 we’re calling on educator legends like you, from right across Australia, to tell us what it’s really like to be a teacher!

We know teaching has its challenges at the best of times (let alone during COVID) so now it’s time to show the rest of us just what an awesome job you do - in and out of the classroom.

Spill it! What’s your secret?

Late nights marking papers with a grumpy dachshund and a block of chocolate? Pretend you hate dressing up for Book Week when actually you love it?! Re-gifting that 8th box of Ferrero Rochers that your students gave you for Christmas (sorry mum!…)

Now’s your chance to school us up on what the Secret Life of Teachers really looks like, behind the scenes. We’ll be sharing these secrets on our social media channels over the next few weeks so keep an eye out.

Share your secret to help bust teaching myths! You know you want to...

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