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Appointments can be made at our offices

Book a Wills Service Appointment

Wills service

As a Teachers Mutual Bank member, you can make an appointment during the school holidays to prepare your Will. The cost for a single is $220 and a mutual will is $350. This service is provided by Maxwell, Meredith & Co, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, and Slater & Gordon.

Power of Attorney or Appointment of Enduring Guardian

The cost for preparing a Power of Attorney* or Appointment of Enduring Guardian is $140 for a single and $210 for a mutual.

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Please note, as we adhere to self-distancing restrictions imposed by the Australian Government in relation to COVID-19, until further notice, no face to face appointments will be held at our Parramatta, Sydney CBD and Western Sydney Regional Offices.  

Our ACT and VIC offices will be conducting appointments entirely online.

In-office appointments are available in our Homebush and Newcastle branches, as well as the option of online appointments for members who are vulnerable or at-risk.

Appointments can be made at our offices below:


Available dates 

Contact details

Homebush Office

Monday, 6 July 2020
(Maxwell, Meredith & Co)


To make an appointment submit an enquiry.

Homebush Office 

Tuesday, 7 July
(Maxwell, Meredith & Co)

Western Sydney Regional Office 

No appointments currently available.

Newcastle Office 

Friday, 10 July 2020
(Maxwell, Meredith & Co) 

Parramatta Office 

No appointments currently available.

Sydney CBD Office 

No appointments currently available.

ACT Regional Office

Remote appointments only.
Friday, 17 July 2020
 (Maxwell, Meredith & Co)

WA Regional Office 

No appointments currently available.


VIC Office

Remote appointments only.
Wednesday, 8 July 2020

(Maxwell, Meredith & Co)


WA: pricing in WA differs from others States and it is highly recommended to call Slater & Gordon for a quote prior to making an appointment.

What to expect:

A Lawyer will talk through the requirements of the member in an initial telephone discussion and confirm the requirements of the member.  In most cases, a draft Will is then prepared which is finalised and signed when the member attends for his or her appointment at the Wills Day in one of our offices. 

When a situation arises where the Lawyers cannot complete the Will requirements on the Wills Days, the Will can always be finalised at the lawyers or by post. Once your instructions have been taken and documents have been prepared by our Solicitors the fees are payable in full regardless of cancellations. 

We can organise signing of documents several ways if you are unable to attend on the day of your appointment. 

The following are the most common areas which require preliminary thought:

  • Executor – if one or all of your major beneficiaries is not suitable to be appointed executor, then you need to consider someone else (and discuss this with them).
  • Minor Children – who would be the testamentary guardian if you and your spouse/partner were not around?
  • “Catastrophe” situation – if there is a realistic possibility that the major beneficiaries (e.g. your spouse and children) may die before you or with you, the lawyers will discuss with you who (if anyone) you would then wish to leave your estate to.  Where people are making “mutual” Wills, the solicitor would usually suggest that they consider dividing the combined estates 50/50 between remaining relatives from both sides of the family as one option for this circumstance.

Enduring Power of Attorney & appointment of enduring guardian 

The lawyers can discuss any need you may have for an Enduring Power of Attorney and/or the Appointment of an Enduring Guardian.

The Enduring Power of Attorney “endures” if you subsequently suffer loss of mental capacity.  However, the Enduring Power of Attorney cannot be used for “health” or “lifestyle’ decisions.  An Appointment of Enduring Guardian is required to be made to permit someone to make these decisions should you become incapable of managing your own “person”.

For an Appointment of Enduring Guardian to be effective, the person (or persons) you appoint as your Enduring Guardian should preferably be present with you when you sign an Appointment of Enduring Guardian in the presence of a solicitor.  Otherwise, separate arrangements will need to be made for them to sign in the presence of a solicitor later.

Any Enduring Power of Attorney signed after 16 February 2004 requires any person appointed as your attorney to also sign the Power of Attorney for it to be effective.  It is therefore helpful, but not essential, for your attorney(s) to be present when you sign a Power of Attorney in the presence of a solicitor.

The lawyers trust that the above information will assist you. We look forward to talking to you and meeting you at the Teachers Mutual Bank.