The Learning Edge 2020 Competition

What’s your Learning Edge? Share your creative teaching strategies for the chance to WIN!

The Learning Edge Competition

Share your passion and creativity for a chance to win one of five $2,000 technology prize packages + an exclusive content creation workshop!

Every day, passionate secondary teachers across NSW public schools are using innovative teaching strategies to help students develop 21st Century skills in the classroom.

These teachers inspire us all – they’re passionate, creative and engaging! Are you one of them?

Do you use new technologies, unique teaching methods or embrace different ways of learning in your classroom? Maybe you think (or teach!) outside the box to engage students in subjects as diverse as Drama, PE or Physics?

No matter what your style, you use it to motivate students, spark their passion for learning, and help them develop a bold vision for their future.

You’ve got the Learning Edge!

How to enter

  1. Film a short 3-minute video demonstrating your ‘Learning Edge’. Snippets of videos we receive will be shared on social media.
  2. Complete and return the PDF entry form to accompany your video.
  3. Upload video and PDF entry form.

Upload your entry form and video

Got a question? See our FAQs

Want to bounce ideas around?

Join the Learning Edge Facebook group or check out last year's winning videos for an inspiration hit.

Tips and tricks

  • First thing’s first, ensure you have principal or other senior staff approval.
  • Join the Learning Edge Facebook group for inspiration.
  • Remember to wow us with your talent and creativity up close! Try to avoid filming a regular class lesson.
  • For child protection reasons please don’t show children’s faces.
  • Rename your files with your name and school where possible before uploading, plus include them in your video.

Why teach with a Learning Edge?

There’s power in using technology to take education beyond the four walls. See what last year’s winners have to say about turning to tech for creative teaching strategies.

Discover more about technology in the classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a fancy camera, and I don’t know how to edit, can I still enter?

You don’t have to be the next Spielberg to impress the judges, and you won’t be judged on your editing skills either. Visit our Learning Edge Facebook group for tips on shooting great videos with your phone.

Can my entry be snippets from various lessons or from a single lesson?

It’s up to you! Remember to wow us with your talent and creativity, you can film part of a regular class lesson or show us how you tackle a tricky topic or concept in class.

What type of teacher is the Learning Edge for?

You have to be teaching in a NSW public high school to enter, other than that we want to hear from teachers across all subjects: History, PE or anything in between. If you’re passionate, inspiring and innovative then we want you to enter!