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Sponsorship Guidelines

Teachers Mutual Bank receives many sponsorship proposals every year. We have developed these guidelines to make our requirements clear to potential sponsorship seekers, and to encourage the presentation of proposals that have the greatest potential for success.

Please note that sponsorships that do not fit within these guidelines are generally not considered.

What does Teachers Mutual Bank look for in a Sponsorship Proposal?

Any sponsorship Teachers Mutual Bank undertakes is an investment in the sponsored entity or event. By investing in a sponsorship, Teachers Mutual Bank aims to establish a long-term relationship with the sponsorship seeker that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

To ensure the best chance of a successful relationship between the two parties, all sponsorship requests are evaluated by Teachers Mutual Bank against key criteria, which are listed below.

Any potential sponsorship activity must:

  • Be compatible with Teachers Mutual Bank’s business and brand;
  • Be consistent with Teachers Mutual Bank’s corporate image and identity;
  • Have the potential to derive positive exposure for the Teachers Mutual Bank brand;
  • Be able to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes;
  • Have the ability to reach and engage targeted audiences (existing and potential customers);
  • Offer exclusivity in the category of banking and financial services

In addition, the sponsored party must:

  • Have a sound governance structure
  • Be committed to work in co-operation with Teachers Mutual Bank to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Have the capacity and resources to promote and implement the project to Teachers Mutual Bank’s standards and proactively maximise the sponsorship

Finally, any sponsorship activity must also provide at least six of the following:

  • Potential to become a long-term, sustainable relationship
  • Naming rights to an event or high profile sub-event
  • Potential for on-site sales
  • Database-generating activities
  • Opportunity to leverage through member hospitality
  • Potential to involve/engage Teachers Mutual Bank employees through attendance and/or volunteering
  • A clear media plan for positive media exposure for the sponsored event and the sponsor
  • Opportunity to meet with senior decision makers
  • Product placement (using our product(s) in a meaningful way as
  • part of a sponsored event)
  • Access to non-members in our target market
  • Branding and promotional sponsorship opportunities.

What won’t Teachers Mutual Bank sponsor?

Sponsorships that could involve Teachers Mutual Bank in controversial issues, are for individuals, or are essentially passive donations, will not be accepted. The following sponsorships are an example of what is regarded as being inappropriate:

  • Organisations or activities with links to, or involvement in, the gambling industry
  • Political candidates or organisations
  • Activities for the purpose of primarily furthering a particular religious doctrine
  • Daredevil sports e.g. base jumping
  • Requests that benefit only an individual person or family
  • Any activities that directly or indirectly damage the environment
  • Any activities that discriminate against people on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual preference
  • Capital appeals
  • Passive sponsorships - activities which focus on awareness and logo/signage exposure only
  • Sponsorships involving an initiative that results in benefits or personal gain for an individual staff member, or their friends and family.
  • In the interests of equity and fairness, sponsorships involving local sporting clubs and community initiatives associated with members of staff cannot be accommodated.
  • Sponsorships which feature content or materials that are generally not in keeping with the Teachers Mutual Bank brand or corporate image.

Please note that Teachers Mutual Bank will not consider any application for sponsorship if it falls into one of the above categories.

Application Procedure

In order to help you prepare your application for sponsorship, we encourage you to follow this simple three step process:

  1. Ensure the proposed sponsorship program meets Teachers Mutual Bank’s application criteria above;
  2. Ensure that sufficient lead time is given to Teachers Mutual Bank to be able to consider the proposed sponsorship program: For community partnership and brand proposals, applicants must allow at least 4 months between the time of application and the sponsorship commencing; For conference sponsorships, applicants should allow at least 2 months between the time of application and the commencement of the sponsored event.
  3. If steps 1 and 2 are satisfied, please complete the Sponsorship Application Form and email, fax or mail it, together with any supporting documentation to the Teachers Mutual Bank Sponsorship Co-ordinator at the address given on the Application Form.


  1. We will not review requests which are not accompanied by a completed Sponsorship Application Form.
  2. Due to the large volume of requests that we receive, we do not accept sponsorship proposals over the telephone.
  3. We will review your application and notify you via email or mail within 15 working days as to whether your proposal was successful, or if we need to discuss aspects of it with you prior to making a decision.
  4. Our decision on whether to accept a sponsorship request is influenced by other factors as well as the above criteria. Applicants should not assume that if the request appears to fit the criteria, the sponsorship will be accepted.