Loan insurance

For peace of mind

Protect your loan repayments

If anything happens that might affect your ability to repay your loan, such as losing your job or serious illness, Loan Protection Insurance will give you peace of mind.

Whatever your circumstances are, our partner Allianz can help with a product that suits your needs.

There are 2 types of Loan Protection insurance

  • Mortgage Repayment Insurance
  • Loan Cover Insurance

If you're taking out a personal or home loan with us, this insurance can protect you in the event of sickness and accident (disability), involuntary unemployment and death with these great benefits:

  • You are covered at work, home and leisure 24/7
  • Choose from several combinations of cover
  • No medical examination is required to apply
  • Premiums can be added to your loan repayment.

The benefits of loan insurance

Product type

Choice of cover

Max Benefit Payable

Waiting Periods

Key Exclusions (See PDS for full list)

Five Year Mortgage Repayment Insurance 



Cover up to $3,000 in loan repayments per month

Pre-existing conditions

Death due to alcohol or drugs

Illegal activity 

Suicide within first 13 months of policy inception


24 minimum monthly loan repayments, 12 repayments for mental illness claims

Up to 120 days per claim or $10,000 per person

Pre-existing conditions


Disability due to alcohol or drugs

Illegal activity
Involuntary Unemployment

$3,000 per month up 120 days per claim and $10,000 for all unemployment claims for each insured

21 days of consecutive unemployment


Voluntary unemployment 

Unemployment due to alcohol or drugs
Loan Cover Insurance Death

Lump sum payment up to a maximum of $80,000


Pre-existing conditions

Suicide within first 13 months of policy inception 

Death due to alcohol or drugs

Illegal activity 

How to apply

You need to take out this insurance before your loan is funded. You can apply at the time of applying for your loan and we'll provide the premium amount when the loan is assessed.