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Sustainability at Teachers Mutual Bank

Sustainability has been an integral part of our business from the beginning. It is reflected in our Constitution, embedded in our Values and at the heart of our Mission Statement.

For us, sustainability is simply the way we do business.

The mutual banking difference
- as a mutual organisation, we believe profit has a purpose. We don’t pay dividends to shareholders. Instead our profits help us deliver competitive rates, fairer fees, responsible lending, personalised service, and support our members’ communities.

We have a different structure than others within the banking sector. As a mutual bank, we are a member-based institution, owned by and run for the benefit of our members. Our members, who are our customers, own the organisation; they are our shareholders.

Our approach to Sustainability

We recognise that our success is not only measured in terms of profits and growth, it is also how we engage with and support our members, our communities, our employees, and how we minimise our impact on the environment.

Our sustainability approach underpins the way we do business – ensuring that we not only run a responsible and profitable business, but that we give back to our communities, and manage our impact on people and the planet.

Find out more about our Sustainability Committee Charter.

Members’ views on Sustainability

Extensive surveys highlighted that members feel highly concerned with Sustainability, (or Corporate Social Responsibility) issues:

  • 95% of TMBank members think CSR should be ‘important’, and 61% stated that CSR should be ‘very important’ to TMBank.
  • 75% of Member surveyed believe that TMBank should do more on CSR.

Download the CSR report - what members think about CSR

Our Five Sustainability Priorities are:

  1. Sustainable business practices – sustainability is integrated throughout the business, both in terms of our own operations and governance systems, and through our relationships with key stakeholders.
  2. Members – Helping our members achieve financial success is our number one priority.
  3. Community – we are passionate about education, so we invest in a diverse range of activities for teachers, and our communities, to help them flourish. 
  4. Employees – our employees are our most valuable resource; we strive to create an engaged workforce by providing a supportive, safe and professional workplace with opportunities for employees to fulfil their potential.
  5. Environment – we have a responsibility to use resources wisely and to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations.

We have a comprehensive list of commitments in our policies, targets and KPIs

You can read our Sustainability Policy here.