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Teaching Financial Literacy

The following resources provide teachers, students and all other members with knowledge about financial matters, aimed at building a foundation for their long-term financial wellbeing.


Teachers Mutual Bank Financial Literacy articles

Our financial literacy articles, aimed at teaching financial literacy, have been developed by Michael Pascoe, a well-known Australian financial journalist. Michael Pascoe holds very broad experience in the financial industry and is a great advocate for financial literacy, having been a finance commentator for Sunrise, and also a presenter for Sky Business Report. Read our financial literacy articles.

MoneySmart Teaching program

The Financial Health for Teachers is a MoneySmart Teaching personal learning program developed by Scott Pape, the 'Barefoot Investor'. It is designed to inspire and empower teachers to take charge of their financial lives and of the choices they make as consumers.

Seeds of Security: How I started investing

Luke, a primary school teacher, discusses how he and his wife have approached investing on a teachers salary.

Retire Ready: How I've set myself up for retirement

Two school principals, Meenah and Graham, discuss how they are approaching their retirement.

Surviving Divorce: The single mum's story

Sue-Ellen Pape, a teacher at a technical college in Victoria, talks about the financial pressures of becoming a single parent.

Breaking the debt cycle

Donna Maslan, a teacher in her 30s, talks about the effects of overwhelming debt and how she was able to break the debt cycle.

Being debt free

Di Motton, a Victorian teacher, explains how she paid off her first mortgage in her 30s.

Take Control guides

This series of booklets are called the Take Control series, and they cover a range of areas to help individuals improve their personal finances:

Budget planner

Our budget planner will help you to take control of your finances. You will be able to: 

  • track your expenses 
  • compare your actual expenses and income to your estimations and see exactly where you can improve to get back on track, and 
  • see a summary of your budget. Get started now.


Our member newsletters, including Chalkboard, have a range of financial tips and practical advice. Find our latest editions here.

Buying a home

We’ve put together some useful hints and tips to help with the process, whether it’s your first homeyour next home or an investment property.

Financial planning and superannuation

We’ve put together some useful information about financial planning with our partner Bridges Financial Services. You can also attend free Financial planning seminars.

Websites you might find useful

MoneySmart – an initiative of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission offering you tips & tools to help you make the most of your money. 
MoneySmart teaching – supports schools that want to include consumer and financial literacy programs in their curriculum. 
National Financial Literacy Strategy – was prepared by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in consultation with key financial literacy partners and stakeholders to find out what Australians know about - and do with - their money 
ESSI Money – allows participants to achieve an understanding of the basic concepts surrounding financial management, in the areas of Earning, Saving, Spending, and Investing – ESSI. 
The Financial Basics Foundation – is a registered charity established to help educate secondary students about the credit system and responsible financial management practices. 
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations – has a list of literacy resources. 
Online security – provides information on how to stay safe while browsing or shopping online and avoid fraud.