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Community overview

We have a responsibility to support the communities in which we conduct our business. By giving back to the education community, we are also supporting our existing and future members and their families. 

We are passionate about education, so we invest in a diverse range of activities for teachers and their communities, to help them flourish.

We show our passion for education by investing 3% of our profits back in to the community.
We collaborate with a wide range of education community partners and provide financial support through sponsorships, partnerships, grants, scholarships, donations, and charitable support.

Some of our community partnerships include:


We provide a range of grants and scholarships:

As part of our commitment to giving back, we provide financial assistance through our diverse programs from supporting aspiring teachers to helping in the classroom to promote environmental and financial understanding. 

Education institutions

We work in partnership with the State Education bodies; the Department of Education and Communities NSW, Department of Education (WA) and the ACT Department of Education on a range of events, programs and sponsorships, and professional development