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Overdraft (RediCredit)

Be prepared for the unexpected
Be prepared for the unexpected

Having an overdraft (RediCredit) means you’re ready to manage life’s little emergencies at any time.


RediCredit is an overdraft attached to your Everyday account for whenever you need a little extra cash.

Main features

  • Interest is only charged on the funds used - not the limit
  • No ongoing fees
  • An approved credit limit as low as $500
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Features and benefits



  • No ongoing fees
  • Instant access to your funds
  • No application fee
  • A variable interest rate
  • Make unlimited additional repayments


  • Automatically actived when you have no funds
  • Temporary limit increase to cover you on holidays
  • 24/7 access via internet banking
  • 24/7 access via mobile banking
  • 24/7 access via phone banking

Rates, fees and limits


Interest rate effective date

1 August 2008

Interest rate 12.64%pa

Comparison rate


Interest rate type Variable

Interest calculated Daily

Interest applied Monthly

Minimum amount $500

Maximum amount

$10,000 for individuals ($20,000 if Edvest)

$20,000 for joint accounts ($40,000 if Edvest)

Apply for an overdraft

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8am to 7pm, weekdays or 9am to 3pm, Saturday.

Find your nearest office.

If you’re a tertiary student you’ll pay an even lower interest rate with our RediCredit for Students.
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