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Refinancing is all about the saving; a better interest rate, for example, will mean a lower repayment. But it is important to make sure you do your sums so your new loan will leave you better off overall.

The refinancing process is very similar to how you went about getting your original home loan. Except of course, you are paying off your original home loan instead of paying a seller.

Once you are sure that refinancing - including all the fees and charges - will leave you better off, simply complete a home loan application. We will arrange to have your property re-valued.

How much does it cost?

What will refinancing cost you?

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Refinancing tips

Refinancing Tips

Hints and tips to help you out

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Tips for paying off your loan sooner

Make the most of your loan

We can help you pay your home loan off sooner       

Our home loans come with some great features. Check them out.

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