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Choosing how to pay your Teachers Credit Card

  • Have your minimum or outstanding balance payment due automatically deducted from your Everyday account or Everyday Direct account each month. Email us to arrange
  • BPAY®
  • Electronic deposits
  • Transfer from your other Teachers Mutual Bank accounts using internet or phone banking
  • Mail us a cheque from another financial institution.


Reviewing your transactions


Transferring balances

You can apply to transfer the outstanding balance of any other credit or store cards you may have to your Teachers Credit Card up to your available credit limit. You can reduce the hassle and cost of managing multiple credit cards and benefit from our low interest rate.

Increasing your credit limit

Going overseas? Extra expenses this month? Apply to increase your credit limit and have the peace of mind of knowing you have extra funds available when you need them.

We will require your consent if you would like us to send you a written invitation to increase your credit limit. You can provide your consent by:

  • Logging into internet banking and selecting the eCommunication and Consent tab
  • Contacting us on 13 12 21 

You can give or withdraw your consent, at any time using these methods.

Adding an additional cardholder

You can operate multiple credit cards on one account, with just one statement to manage each month. Just complete the Additional cardholder application and if they are not a signatory to another Teachers Mutual Bank account please also complete the Document Certification Statement.

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