Teach your kids the value of money with Spriggy

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Kids and teen accounts

Spriggy is built around a prepaid card which is not linked to a child’s deposit account. If you’re looking for deposit accounts to assist kids and teens with longer-term savings goals, see the Teachers Mutual Bank options below.

Tiny Monsters Bank

Tiny Monsters Bank^ is designed for kids under 13 years old. It shows them the fundamentals about money and helps them develop solid saving habits. 

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Teen Banking

This is designed for teenagers and covers important things they need to know about money and finances – from getting their first paying job, to learning the difference between debit and credit, to the potential pitfalls of online shopping. What’s more, your teen can take responsibility for their account with their own Visa Debit card. 

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^Tiny Monsters Bank brought to you by Teachers Mutual Bank

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