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We started our journey with a foundation based on partnership, education, strength, commitment, integrity and sustainability. Over time, our journey has seen us through changes in the banking industry and we’ve responded by becoming braver, bolder and more competitive – but our core beliefs have never wavered.

Instead, those beliefs have taken a new shape, a set of concrete values. Three words embracing what we have always stood for and what we truly believe. Advocacy. Passion. Sustainability.


We aim to be everything you want in a bank, every time. We will be there for you at every step of your financial journey, helping you make the most of every dollar you earn and supporting you to reach your financial goals sooner. We are proud to offer products and services that have been carefully designed to be relevant for teachers. Because in the end, we know that if we do things right by you, you’ll probably let others know.


We are passionate about being the best of the best – and putting you first in everything we do. You can sense that passion when you talk to us, no matter whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone. We’re a team of extremely committed people eager to deliver exceptional service and products for teachers, their families and the education sector.


We are 100% committed to doing what’s right – that extends from how we run our business and how we relate to our members to how we treat the environment. Whether it’s employing skilled, ethical staff, delivering product innovations or through initiatives to help the community, schools and environment, we’re absolutely focused on providing a better future for our members and the wider community.

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