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At Teachers Mutual Bank we are proud to be a company that has a reputation for caring for its employees. We have strong values that are practiced throughout the organisation and provide excellent opportunities for career development and progression. We have a strong company vision and strategy which is communicated to all staff. We believe our people are what makes our organisation so successful and strive to create a culture that enhances the lives of all employees.

Remuneration and benefits

Teachers Mutual Bank recognises the importance of attracting and retaining high quality employees. With this in mind we endeavour to offer salary and employment benefits above those of our competitors. We also offer performance based pay increases that recognise individual performance. Our salary and grading structures are freely available to all employees as we believe openness and transparency are crucial to building trust.


Teachers Mutual Bank has a strong member focus that enables us to maintain strong growth and Member satisfaction. We believe that our employees are the key to our success and encourage staff through our Innovation Program to come up with new ideas to ensure we continually improve.

Training and development 

Teachers Mutual Bank places great emphasis on learning and development. We are committed to providing opportunities for personal development and strive to assist every employee in reaching their full potential. We have a generous Study Assistance Program and encourage staff to continually develop their skills.

Work/Life balance

At Teachers Mutual Bank we understand the importance of family life outside of work. With this in mind we have introduced a range of work/life balance initiatives to assist employees in meeting the demands they face in their personal lives. These initiatives include paid maternity/paternity leave, flexible working hours, rostered days off, job sharing, part-time work and carers leave, to name a few.

Positive working environment

We work hard to create a positive and enjoyable working environment for all employees. We provide workplace fruit, massages and mufti days. We also sponsor sporting teams, hold various wellbeing classes and staff social events. We believe in celebrating our successes by rewarding and recognising the contribution that our employees make.

Corporate social responsibility 

At Teachers Mutual Bank we realise that success cannot just be measured in terms of profit and growth but also how we relate to the community and the impact we have on the environment. As a result we have a commitment to corporate social responsibility and set aside 3% of our net profit after tax each year to these goals.


We understand the importance of leading by example and encourage our managers to establish clear lines of communication, foster teamwork between employees, acknowledge achievements, provide recognition and constructive feedback, act as a coach and mentor and provide development opportunities that enable employees to reach their full potential.

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