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As part of our ongoing security commitment we offer multifactor authentication via security tokens and SMS. This means you get added internet and mobile banking security by using a one time password when you log in. 

All new memberships are automatically registered for internet and mobile banking and registered to receive a one-time password. This is a six digit number sent as an SMS to your mobile phone or generated by a security token.

You can register for both a security token and SMS security for extra convenience. So when you log in to internet banking, you choose to receive your one time password on your token or mobile phone.

Security token

Security token

A security token is a small electronic device that produces a one time password each time you access internet banking.

SMS security

SMS security

SMS security provides you with a one time password sent to your mobile phone.

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To order a security token or register for SMS security, select Security Options from the Other menu in internet banking.

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