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For your bills, credit cards or rent, when you need to make regular payments, there’s a wide range of options to help you stay in control.


Use BPAY to pay bills displaying the BPAY logo from your transaction account

  • It’s a free service available through internet and phone banking
  • Recurring BPAY payments can be set up though internet banking
  • BPAY View enables you to receive, view and pay your bills through internet banking. You will receive an email notification when a new bill arrives. Register for this service though your internet banking.



  • Direct debits are an easy way to make regular payments from your account or card
  • The amount is automatically deducted from your account
  • Set up by providing your details to the organisation you need to pay. Should the account or card details change at any time it's simple to advise the new details

Periodical payments

  • Periodical payments are also an easy way to pay regular bills from your transaction account
  • Unlike direct debits, we set up the payments for you (fee applies) or you can set them up yourself through internet banking (no fee applies)
  • Please contact us if you would like us to set up a periodical payment for you.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • With EFT you can transfer money electronically to other financial institutions within Australia from your transaction account
  • Can be set up as a regular payment or a one-off transfer through internet banking (free)
  • One-off transfers are also available by completing this form (fee applies).

Keep a record of all regular payment arrangements you have.

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