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BPAY® is a convenient bill paying service available using phone and internet banking. You can pay over 17,000 bills, schedule payments in advance plus, receive and view your bills in internet banking using BPAY View™. BPAY View™ allows you to receive and pay bills online from participating suppliers.

What are the benefits of using BPAY®?

  • Pay all your bills with one phone call or internet banking log in.
  • Pay your bills any time, day or night.
  • Schedule payment dates to suit you.
  • Never wait in queues to pay your bills.
  • Once you pay a bill, you can save the details, making it easy for you to pay the same bill next time.

Start using BPAY®

You do not need to register to use BPAY®, all you need is your BPAY® Biller Code and Reference number (both can be found near the BPAY® logo on your bills).

To get started, log into internet banking and go to Payments and Transactions from the toolbar, then choose BPAY.

Managing your bills with BPAY View™

Have you ever lost a bill? Perhaps you’ve missed a payment. Why not register for BPAY View™. This allows you to receive and manage your bills online. BPAY View™ is a rewarding service that takes BPAY® to the next level, allowing your bills and statements to be viewed and paid from within internet banking. Say goodbye to paper bills!

What is BPAYs iCRN?

BPAY’s Intelligent Customer Reference Number (iCRN) functionality enables organisations to only accept payments that are payable by a certain due date or for a fixed amount or both (i.e. Insurance, licences, fines). This applies to Billers who are identified as iCRN Billers where bill payments are required by a certain due date or for a fixed amount or both (i.e. Insurance, licences, fines). iCRN billers identify themselves in the BPay section of your bill.

Why do we need iCRN?

The iCRN functionality reduces the risk of errors or penalties and can eliminate scenarios where you think that you have paid for a product or service but find out later that the payment is not valid due to paying an incorrect amount or making the payment after the due date (e.g. purchasing or renewing insurance policies). Some organisations have a legal or compliance requirement to receive payment by a certain date or for a certain amount and iCRN reduces the risk associated with these payment collections.

If you require any further information about your particular payment requirements, please contact your Biller directly.

Variable biller numbers - change effective 15 January 2012

Some billers use different Customer Reference Number (vCRN) for each bill or different types of bills.  Please ensure you always use the customer reference number as shown on the individual bill you are paying. Also, please note that as of 15 January 2012, you cannot set up recurring scheduled payments with a biller who uses variable reference numbers  (vCRN), this is to minimise risks associated with scheduling payments to an incorrect reference number.

How do I make payments to billers using a vCRN?

To continue making BPAY® payments to billers using a vCRN:
  • cancel any existing recurring payments that have been set up previously using the vCRN
  • enter these as one-off transactions going forward

You will still be able to use your saved biller details, however the vCRN will need to be entered manually each time.

Find out what bills you can pay

If your bill displays the BPAY® logo, you’ll be able to pay it directly from your Teachers Mutual Bank account. 

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