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There are numerous ways that you can avoid and minimise fees. 

Use the rediATM and NAB ATM network

You have unlimited rediATM and NAB ATM transactions every month. The rediATM and NAB ATM network is one of Australia's largest ATM networks and has more than 3,000 ATMs in rural, regional and metro locations across Australia. 

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Reduce other ATM usage

The easiest way to avoid ATM fees is to use only rediATM and NAB ATMs. If you must use another ATM to withdraw cash think about how much you might need for the next couple of days rather than just for today - withdrawing larger amounts less often will help reduce fees.


Get cash out when you shop

When you are shopping, withdraw cash at the same time as this avoids the need to get cash out at an ATM.  You have unlimited EFTPOS transactions so make the most of them.


Cashless shopping

There are many ways you can pay for things that don’t involve cash.  Think about using EFTPOS at the point of purchase with your Visa Debit card or rediCARD (for members under the age of 18 years).


Pay bills electronically

Pay all of your bills electronically.  Use our free internet and phone banking services to set up regular direct debits and BPAY.


Use SMS banking for balance enquiries

For the cost of an SMS you can get your balance at any time anywhere.  Simply SMS the word ‘BAL’ to 0417 13 12 21 and a text message will be sent to your mobile phone with the balance of your S1 Everyday Account.  To request balances for any of your other accounts simply add the account type using the example below:

BAL (space) S25
BAL (space) I10
BAL (space) L22

Use internet and phone banking

Our internet and phone banking services are free. Use them to transfer money, pay bills via BPAY, check your balances – plus much more.  If you are not registered download the Internet banking services form or call us today to get you started.

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