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With more than 3,000 ATMs across Australia, rediATM is now one of Australia's largest ATM networks, which includes NAB and Bank of Queensland ATMs. It is rapidly expanding, bringing more convenience for you. With NAB and Bank of Queensland joining the rediATM network, this means you can now access any rediATM, NAB or Bank of Queensland ATM and pay no fee!


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Change your PIN at selected rediATMs

You can change your PIN at selected rediATMs, if you see the 'change PIN' option on the screen after you've entered your PIN. If it has no stated operator, it means that the 'change PIN' option is available on that ATM. However, if the rediATM is operated by NAB or Bank of Queensland, the 'change PIN' option is unavailable.

Find an ATM on the go

To locate a rediATM with this function, go to the rediATM locator at rediatm.com.au and enter your suburb or postcode. When your options appear, click on the red icon on the map to find out more about that specific ATM. 

Mobile app
Download the Teachers Mutual Bank app to do your banking anytime and anywhere - you can also use it to find the closest rediATM. Go to the App Store or iTunes and search for 'TM Bank'. Also available for Android phones on Google Play

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ATM safety tips

ATMs overseas

Keep yourself up to date with the latest ATM safety tips.

If you're travelling overseas in the near future you may want to find an ATM before you leave.

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